Gigabyte and CDL Z97 Seminar 2014 at InterContinental Hotel Singapore [7 pages]

Harold 9 Jul 2014


Gigabyte Technologies and it’s Singapore distributor CDL Systems held a technical seminar at the InterContinental Hotel. The event started around 7pm. There were new and familiar faces of retailers and power users at the event.



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Mr. Hunter Lee gave a summary of the different Z97 series including the Ultra Durable, Overclocking, Gaming and Black edition of motherboards. When designing a motherboard, every motherboard manufacturer will try to mimic the similar functions on it’s board. Gigabyte tried to change all that by putting more resources in the development of the accompanying software that bundles with the motherboards.

We had a treat of the Gigabyte App Centre which includes the new EasyTune software and Cloud Station Utilities. EasyTune’s interface has totally changed from it’s predecessor and a more intuitive touch screen design for those who wishes to do overclocking within Windows. Another piece of software is the App Centre, it gives end users direct access to @BIOS, USB blocker, Cloud Station, Easy Tune and Live Update.

Cloud Station is something that will make Gigabyte boards stand out. It’s Cloud Station consist of HoneCloud, HotSpot and GIGABYTE Remote, Remote OC and Auto Green.
HomeCloud is a pretty intuitive software that allows you to share the files between your smartphones or tablets and computer or back up the files from the device to the computer easily. For example, you can take a picture and share it on your PC instantly without having to copy it out to USB or removing your microSD card. Think of it as a unlimited space Dropbox.

HotSpot allows you to turn your computer and share your internet with the rest of the family of your location. Basically, it can act as a WIFI extender of your router. Gigabyte remote is an app which you can remotely control the mouse, keyboard and windows media player from your smartphone or tablet.

RemoteOC allows you to remotely overclock and monitor and tweak parameters of your PC and lastly Auto Green allows you to system power savings via a Bluetooth enabled smart phone or tablet. When the device is out of range of the Bluetooth receiver, the system will enter the specific power saving mode.

For those interested in the upcoming Intel X99 chipset, you wouldn’t have to worry to buy a board without DDR4 RAM. Gigabyte will probably bundle in 4GB or 8GB of DDR4 memory when it goes on sale. As for the availability, we should be looking at around the 4th quarter of this year.

Gigabyte Z97 board pricing


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