The new FM2 boards have started to surface together with processors in retail stores. We managed to get hold of a the processor A10-5800K and paired it up with the Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 to do a quick overclocking test.

The processor is rated 3.8GHz turbo at 4.2GHz. As the multiplier is unlocked, we push it up to 44x. CPU CLK is marginally increased to 103MHz. The internal Radeon 6770D GPU Clk is also increased from 800MHz to 1000MHz. Memory is set to used XMP Profile #2 which later is somewhat lowered to CAS 12-13-12-31.

The system seems to have max. out at 4.5GHz with air cooling. It might be able to go higher if water cooling is used.

Vcore is set to 1.5v and VDimm at 1.65v. The rest of the voltages can be seen on the screen shot below :



One thought on “Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 with A10-5800K Overclock on Air to 4.5GHz”
  1. Previous overclocking attempt was 4,4GHz with the Biostar Hi-Fi A85X mobo. Looks like the Gigabite one is a bit better when come to the overclocking capability, tough only little. 4,4 or 4,5GHz is not a great difference 🙂
    Both are pretty damn fast 🙂

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