It looks like Singtel GOMO is feeling the heat right after MyRepublic (5G SA on Starhub) and Circles.Life (5G SA on M1) launched their plans in the last 2 days.

gomo the sub brand of Singtel is now offering their 5G NSA plan of 100GB at $5.05 for the first month for non Singtel port in subscribers.
Simply sign up with the promo code below.


✓ Enjoy $20.18 OFF for 1st month when you switch.
✓ 60GB, 1000 MINS & SMS at $25.23 from 2nd month.
✓ Rollover up to 100GB with 5G.
✓ Free incoming calls & caller ID. No contract.
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For all non-Singtel port-ins only.
*Complimentary access to EliteFit.AI will be post-provisioned by March 2023.

Offer ends in 12 days time.