Changi Mobile launches Flexi Freedom unlimited 4G plan at S$12 per month.

The plan’s regular price is $15/mth and $12/mth launch offer is valid for 12 months. It comes with Unlmited talktime and 200 SMS. There is no indication that it offers any free roaming etc. So, it is ideal for data users.

Although it is unlimited, there are some considerations that you have to consider.

4G+ speed is only valid for the first 25 GB of data. After which, it will be throttled down to :

The next 10GB you are capped at 5Mbps. The next 15GB at 3mbps, the next 100GB at 1mbps. Total 150 GB. It is not known what speed you will get after 150 GB. In most instances, most people won’t use more than 150 GB even on fibre broadband at home unless they keep streaming 4K video and downloading non stop huge files.