Chrome Web store is the new service that Google has announced at I/O 2010, together with Android 2.2, or FroYo. This service will allow users to find the best web apps, and developers to sell their apps in an online market. Froyo, or Android 2.2, now has a release date – it will be out in June.

The idea only goes to prove that Google thinks web apps are the future. This is an idea they have worked with in the past few years. Google Docs is just an example.

Even if it is called the Chrome Web Store, these apps, Google says, will be usable by anybody that has a computer and a web browser at their disposal. They won’t be restricted to Google Chrome.

The apps will be installable, meaning that a shortcut and some data will be stored on your computer.

Google didn’t say when the store will be available, they only said it will be ”later this year”. Developers can already take a look at the official documents so they can develop an app that is up-to-speed with the store.

As for the new version of Google Android, version 2.2, you have to know that it has a tasty name, just like the other versions. It is called FroYo – the name comes form Frozen Yoghurt. It will be out in June and the most important thing it brings is native Flash and AIR support. If Steve Jobs decided to ban Flash, Google seems to be fine with it. WiFi tethering will also be available in the new version. This means you will be able to use it just like you do with a USB dongle.