Yesterday, Android 14 became available, but upon installation, it failed to activate 5G NSA support for Singapore’s fourth telecom provider – SIMBA.

In a world where more telecom companies are adopting 5G technology, it is crucial for Google Pixel to incorporate this significant feature for all telecom operators globally.

We were delighted to discover that Android has just released its inaugural Android 14 Quarterly Platform Release (QPR) U1B2.230922.006 for the Pixel 7 Pro.

Following the installation of this update, 5G functionality was enabled, and we observed that the carrier settings version had been updated to 2023-08-30, compared to the official Android 14 edition, which was last set at 2023-06-30.

So, if you are a SIMBA user, you can now activate 5G using this QPR, and it is expected to become an official feature in the upcoming firmware update.

Please inform us if your telecom provider’s 5G is also activated after installing the latest QPR

By Harry