Happy New Year 2016 at OCWorkbench

Welcome to 2016 and on this first day of the new year, we would like to share some good news.

According to our statistics recorded of the website, we see an increase in sessions, and new users (Q4 2015 vs Q3 2015). There was an increase of 15.56% Sessions and a 20.18% of new users reading OCWorkbench

Top of the list is Singapore and there is a 50% jump. Ranking 2nd is United States with a decline of 18%. Third placing Indonesia sees a 105% increase and 128% increase in new readers.

Hong Kong is in 4th placing but with a decline of 30.79% and 5th is India with a decline of 18.92%.

ON the 6th is Malaysia with an increase of 48.57% with 7th position secured by Taiwan with a decrease of 26.36%.

Australia ranks number 8 with a slight decline of 2.62% while UK and France is 9th and 10th both seeing a decrease of 24% and 25%.

Other than the better readership from previous quarter, we have also changed the site to be more mobile friendly. In addition, we have included a section of LIVE TV which is a feed of LIVE channels which might interest you.  You can access them from the main pull down menu.

We hope to see more visitors from various regions in 2016. So, do subscribe to our newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and support us in 2016. Do send us your suggestions. We  also need sponsors for freebies and ads to run the site. For marketing matters, please email ocworkbench at ocworkbench.com


By Harry