You can change your plan online by accessing the site at

Do take note that not all plans are allow to be upgraded or downgraded. Refer to the following chart below.

  1. SIMBA subscribers are eligible to Change Plan on Days 1 to 25 of the plan cycle with a valid renewal. Suspended Plans are not eligible to Change Plan until the Plan is renewed.
  2. Subscribers are required to make full payment for the new plan. Once Change Plan is successful, the new plan will begin instantly. Standard Terms and Conditions of new plan apply. Refer to Critical Information Summary of SIMBA plans
  3. Once the new plan is activated, the original plan will be terminated and there will be no refund of unused balance. Billing account ID and Wallet Balance of the original Plan remained unchanged.
  4. *Subscribers must be at least 60 years of age for change of plan to Seniors Go Digital.  
  5. Available online only.

By Harry