Yesterday, Apple issued the iOS 8. iOS 8 brings along changes and improvements to usability. Although the improvements are welcomed on existing devices, there are bound to be compatibility issues with the new OS on the older devices and applications.

One such app is Facebook. Some reported issues include app hang, slow sluggish scroll performance etc. To resolve this issue, you can go to settings and reset all settings and reset network settings. (do not erase choose erase all content and settings).

Once that is done, try launching the app and see if the problem is resolved.

Anyway, today when we check out the apps, there were 12 updates available for our exisiting apps including twitter, dropbox, skype, facebook messenger, google etc.

Looks like these apps have been released to solve the compatibility issues faced with devices running iOS 8.

Are you facing compatibility issues with your apps on iOS 8? Comment below


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By Harry