As the IDEOS is not specifially customised but just plain vanilla Android 2.2, it looks very generic compared to those heavily customised other brand handsets.

On the Android 2.2 (Froyo), you can still have your live wallpaper, shortcuts on the main screen. Due to the limitation of the screen, you can’t drop as many shortcuts or applications on the 5 screen desktops. You can add your widgets like Twitter or Facebook etc.

In addition, Froyo 2.2 allows you to turn your handset into an access point, sharing out your mobile broadband. Alternatively you could also use USB cable for tethering just like you normally do on the iphone.

It is known that the current firmware does not support Flash Lite yet. We will have to wait for a newer revision of the firmware to test that out.

Here is a video showing the options available on the Froyo flavour Huawei IDEOS.


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