The Huawei IDEOS is the first Android 2.2 device we tested here. The experience is pretty good considering the lower speed processor used. Although it won’t feel as snappy as those 1GHz Snapdragon phones out there, the speed is generally acceptable. In fact, it is quite comparable to IOS4 running on the old 3G. As it is a multitasking OS, the application Advanced task killer can be used to remove background tasks to speed things up.

The small footprint phone is exceptionally comfortable in my hand. You would need to take a few steps to access the camera feature through the touch screen. Although the IDEOS has a 2.8″ screen, text entry doesn’t seem to be a problem at all. The only trouble is that some applications refuse to be “found” in Android Marketplace.

Web surfing on the IDEOS is speedy thanks to the HSDPA support of up to 7.2mbps downlink. If you prefer a larger screen, you can run it as an access point and connect your netbook or notebook wirelessly to the AP.

Overall, I find the Huawei IDEOS is a good start for first time Android users. As an entry level Android device, it has got the cost/performance ratio right.  The phone costs S$399 without contract from major IT stores in Singapore.


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