Huawei Consumer shifts focus to Southern Pacific with CEO Richard Yu first-ever visit

Introduced the flagship Huawei P8, showcased 3 wearable products and introduces ‘Wei To’ Inspiration at CommunicAsia 2015



Huawei P8 launch in Singapore

[Singapore, June 2, 2015] Today at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Huawei Consumer Business Group introduced the Huawei P8 smartphone to the Southern Pacific Region and, showcased their latest range of innovative consumer products at CommunicAsia 2015. Huawei also introduced their ‘Wei To’ campaign, which is anchored to their consumer brand.



This is the first time Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, presented the Huawei P8 to Southern Pacific Region media since the smartphone was first globally launched in London in April this year. Yu’s presence demonstrates a strategic focus on Southern Pacific, a region consisting of Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines and Singapore.


The Huawei P8 is based on a deep understanding of human-machine design and delivers a new level of usability for applications impacting everyday life – at work and at play. With craftsmanship that pushes the bounds of possibility and new revolutionary light painting modes, the device provides consumers with an inspiration for creativity.



The event also granted Huawei the opportunity to share a regional roll-out of ‘Wei To’ campaign which is anchored in the consumer business group segment and highlights Huawei’s transition from a B2B entity to a consumer centric brand. ‘Wei To’ draws inspiration from Huawei’s global brand ideal, “Make It Possible” which defines “it” as the power of dream and innovation and building intensive emotional connection with consumers. Huawei innovates to help make dreams possible.


‘Wei To’ will be part of every facet of the business from marketing strategies, innovative products, consumer outreach and future plans for growth. ‘Wei To’ is also a play on the Huawei brand to make it more relatable to consumers as ‘Wei’ also means getting connected as it is a form of saying hello in Asian cultures. ‘Wei’ pronounced in English as ‘Way’, essentially carries the same meaning of the word ‘way’ of which Huawei is paving the ‘Wei To’ inspiring consumers to be bold and make things possible to achieve their dreams.


‘Southern Pacific is key part of our strategy to deepen and expand our presence in high growth high potential markets. We believe in inspiring our consumers to dream big and act bold to achieve great results and continue to make the impossible possible for our consumers into the future. We will be investing more energies and resources into engaging our consumers in this market and be on this journey with them,” says Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group.


As part of the overarching theme at CommunicAsia of ‘Envisioning the Future through innovative technologies’, Huawei will be exhibiting inventive products at their booth which are building on a better-connected world. As the world moves towards becoming a digital economy, Huawei is conscious of enhancing their consumer’s digital lifestyle. Products on display include Huawei’s smart wearable devices which includes a prototype Huawei Watch (currently under development), TalkBand B2, and TalkBand N1 – all of which was launched at Mobile World Congress 2015.


Through Huawei’s continued commitment to ‘Make It Possible’, all of our technologically innovative consumer products on display at CommunicAsia today deliver on that promise. We will continue to strengthen our brand presence and range of innovative flagship products in Southern Pacific to cater to discerning tastes. This is the future of connected devices and we foresee that our consumer products will set standards across the smartphone and wearable market within region,” said Peter Tong, President, Consumer Business Group of Southern Pacific Region.


“We look aim to become one of the top three brands in terms of market share in this region,” he said.


Showcasing the ‘Wei To’ the Future of Connected Technology at CommunicAsia 2015


Redefining Style, Beauty and Technology with the Huawei P8


The culmination of the P series’ rich heritage of style and functionality, Huawei P8 once again redefines the smartphone market with easy-to-use features in that amazes and inspires consumers. The design details evoke the pages, bindings and hardcovers of traditional books, while the one-piece aluminum body with the diamond shape blasting craftsmanship highlights the texture of the metal.


The Huawei P8 is designed to have a natural connection to human nature, providing solutions to common pain points and meeting consumers’ needs – both simple and complex. The revolutionary touch screen experience is innate to consumers of which double tapping a knuckle captures a full-length screen shot, while drawing a circle on the screen quickly captures content.


Additionally, the “search phone by voice” function allows users to call out to their misplaced smartphone, which will respond through its speaker to identify. Unique power management creates a bridge between the Huawei P8’s slim design, power efficiently and stunning performance. The device contains a 2680mAh battery and with Kirin 930 Octa-Core 64-bit chipset, delivering outstanding performance that outpaces the smartphone market by 20 percent.


The Huawei P8 introduces a new camera design by leveraging a combination of hardware, software and proprietary algorithms to help users capture beautiful photographs, even in the worst lighting conditions. Features include:

  • Industry-leading Optical Image Stabilizer technology up to 1.2°, enabling high-quality photos and videos, and managing camera shake so images are consistently sharp.
  • The world’s first four-color RGBW sensor enhances brightness by 32 percent in high contrast lighting situations, reduces it by 78 percent in low light environments. DSLR-level independent image processor enabling noise reduction when shooting and intelligent detection of a high-contrast lighting environment.
  • Four professional quality low-light shooting modes giving users access to a virtual photo and video studio to capture artistic inspirations.


For example, the Light Painting mode, one of the four professional quality low-light shooting modes, leverages the Huawei P8’s manual camera shutter to capture broad swaths of light. Light Painting mode can capture a rolling ferris wheel at night, showing the circular streams of light in an artistic photo. Users can also “light paint” their own freehand pictures using a small torchlight in the dark. Another industry first low light technology is the light check and preview mode. By giving users a preview of what the shot will look like, the device makes it easier to experiment creatively with light sources in the dark.


The Huawei P8’s Director mode is the industry’s first professional-level video capture function on a smartphone. It allows consumers to direct and control up to three other Android phones when shooting a video scene from four angles simultaneously, while also synchronize video clip editing.


The Huawei P8 has re-defined the industry benchmark for seamless network connectivity through proprietary Signal+ technology. The compact and powerful dual-antenna design plus rapid switching technology allows the smartphone to instantly switch between antennas, ensuring a continuous strong network connection. Additionally, the devices’ Signal+ enhances the call connection rate, even when users are travelling on a train at a speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour.


Huawei’s extremely stylish P series has achieved great success around the world. Global sales of the Huawei P6 have totaled 5 million units in 60 countries and the Huawei P7 surpassed 4 million sales across more than 100 countries in just six months. The success of the Huawei P6 and P7 indicates a strong potential demand for the Huawei P8.


Huawei P8 will be available in Singapore at SGD 699 from 3 June 2015.


Stylishly simplifying life without missing out on superb entertainment experiences with P8 Lite

A simplistic design, superb camera, exception music player and strong 4G connectivity makes this a magnificent addition to the P8 product family.


With a 5.0-inch fully laminated IPS touchscreen, a smooth and flat surface embodies a design concept of peace and serenity without excessive curved components. The 7.7mm Huawei P8lite ultra-thin body is a perfect integration of design and craftsmanship, and allows convenient single-handed operation which facilitates a perfect interaction between the phone and the user.

Inheriting the outstanding camera performance of the wider Huawei P series, Huawei P8lite is equipped with 5MP front-facing and 13MP rear-facing cameras. The rear camera features an F2.0 aperture, 7mm micro lens, and a 28mm wide-angle function. The front-facing camera uses a 22mm wide-angle lens with 1.4m pixels that reach out to an 88° frame area.

Powered by a 1.2 GHz 64-digit octa-core Kirin 620 chipset, Huawei P8 lite offers an ultra-fast 4G LTE Cat4 connectivity with a download speed of 150Mpbs. Huawei continues to optimize the GTS adjustment technology, demonstrated in the capabilities of the P8lite. The device is able to achieve the best performance ratio through ATM switching technology which is set to the users’ preferences. Based on Huawei’s big data control and management experience, the most important data module for users will become a top priority.

The simplistic design of the Huawei P8lite enables consumers to reach a state of serenity and peacefulness through their fingertips in the restless world.

Huawei P8Lite will be available in Singapore for SGD 329 by end of June.


By Harry