Intel Fourth Generation Core processor focuses on overclocking with smartphone – IDF Beijing 2013

At the IDF 2013 held in Beijing, China, Intel gave more details about the upcoming Haswell processor focusing on it’s overclockability.

In the current platform, voltage regulators are external on the mainboard. With Haswell, this are all integrated into the processor. That greatly improves the overclockability even on the lesser known brands since there aren’t corners to cut.

Another improvement is that the current LGA1155 Core i5/i7, you can’t really overclock that far as BCLK is always stucked at 100MHz. With the new design, you can start from 100MHz, 125MHz or 167MHz with a +/- of 5-7 %.
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In the presentation, Intel’s Michael Moen mentioned that the new K series unlocked version of the Haswell has the power supply circuit may be integrated into the CPU. Users can adjust the voltages directly. Base clock can also be set from 100MHz, 125Mhz or 167MHz. The frequency range improvements ranges from 5% to 7%.

With these enhancements, a multiplier of 80x (ring ratio) can be applied with BCLK at 100MHz hinting that the new processor can run up to 8GHz. Memory speeds can be in the form of 200MHz (steps up to 2600MHz) or 266MHz (2667MHz).

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The latest release edition utility “Intel Extreme Tuning Utility” (XTU) also added enhancements to support Haswell. In a demonstration, a Turbo Boot system is overclocked to run at 4.4GHz and 1.6GHz for the graphics core.

The new utility allows one to share results directly via Facebook and Twitter too.

In addition, Intel also demonstrated overclocking a Haswell mobile edition using smartphone/tablet using XTU.

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