Intel Future Showcase @ Singapore 2014
Harold 26 Nov 2014 [4 pages]



Intel Corporation held it’s Future Showcase in Singapore for the first time on 21 Nov 2014. The showcase gave a glimpse of what is available today, tomorrow and the near future.

Three exhibition zones were laid with exhibits that showcase technologies that bridges and converges technology to our daily life.

In the TODAY zone, exhibits showcase include 2 in 1 devices e.g. hybrid tablets which can work with touchscreen or a detachable keyboard. There is also Galileo Air Piano which uses sensors to create an instrument that anyone can be a musician without physical contact. The Galileo Color Def is a wearable device to help the colour blind to perform simple tasks. There is also a demonstration of the Fleet Management System for tracking transport vehicles.

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Next Unit of Computing (NUC) is something that captured our attention as it is able to make a PC into such a small form factor. The ECS LIVA we reviewed before is a NUC powered by Intel Bay Trail-M. On the exhibition, there is even a smaller of the size of a USB stick. It is powered by Intel Bay Trail-T.

If NUC board is considered small, you have to seriously take a look at Intel Edison Microcomputer, the size is almost the same as small as a stamp. The Edison board allows rapid innovation and product development by inventors, entrepreneurs and consumer product designers for small form factor and wearable devices.

Another demo was the Intel Galileo. In the demonstration, the board polls the internet for the hashtag #intelfutureshowcase and it will trigger the bubble maker to blow bubbles. This is an illustration that such technology can be used to remotely turn on off home appliances once it is hooked onto the internet.


IMG_0118  IMG_0089 IMG_0081




Other exhibits include smartphones and tablets which are already available in retail market.

By Harry