In the tomorrow zone, Intel gave a glimpse of what is next in the near future with the Smart City and Smart Building vision. The vision incorporates Intel inside with real time environment monitoring and control, cloud base services, interactive mobility apps, multiple sensor communication protocols and big data analysis. This will definitely improve the operations of big corporations in monitoring.

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On the other corner of the room, Intel showcase the Wireless Charging Bowl. Gone are the different cables and connectors. With the charging bowl, you can just charge it by placing the phone on it. It can be made into décor item in any office for visitors to charge their hand phones as and when necessarily.

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SMS Audio BioSport In Ear Headphone is another wearable product which bridges health and music. It monitors your heart rate with RunKepper app.

As for PCs, the Black Brook Portable All In One features a 23.6″ HD and onboard battery. It has an integrated 3D Depth Camera and incredible audio system. Llama Mountain 2 in 1 Reference design was also showcased. It has a detachable keyboard and the tablet is only 7.2mm thin. The Tablet has a QHD of 2560×1440. The 10″ tablet version is just 550g and 6.8mm thin.

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Floating Display is another exhibit that might find it’s way into next generation PCs. Users are treated to on screen objects that floats out of the screen. It is best used education and advertising.


By Harry