Intel (INTC) is likely to launch their next generation processor and chipset in Mid of Nov 2011. This new generation of processors spot a new Socket type LGA 2011, larger than the current ones. The in built memory controller supports quad channel DDR3 which gives a memory performance boost compared to existing Intel X58 which employs a tri channel memory architecture.

Although the platform is not launched, motherboard makers are already leaking pictures of their boards on social networks and website while asking media to sign NDA.

From various sources, the new generation of boards will have difficulties with installation of heatsinks with the RAM slots on one side of the board.

While we already have information and information of the platform, we are not allowed to disclose too much of it. Do stay tuned to our forums, twitter, facebook for updates when the date gets closer.

INTC is now trading at $23.74 (-0.50 or -2.05%).