Intel Z68 based motherboards should be on the shelves today in most parts of the world. As you are probably already aware, Z68 offers some features missing from the P67 and H67 chipset. In fact, it is a hybrid of both. It still comes with integrated graphics and allows you to hook up external graphics card. It can also do what the P67 offers, overclocking of BCLK, CrossFireX etc.

One unique feature introduced on the Z68 is the ISRT – Intel Smart Response Technology. ISRT basically allows you to install a SSD on your system and becomes the cache of your HDD. Unfortunately, most of the boards shipped might have the older version of the CDROM and BIOS. Thus, chances of getting it working out of the box is almost 0.

To get it working, you have to wait for an official BIOS (we are running on beta). A new version of the ISRT also needs to be installed.

We got it working and able to achieve the speed improvements which is not really visible other than through benchmarks.