As per a Facebook post, a user was able to successfully request an eSIM for their iPhone. They chose the option of self-collection and communicated their order details to the support staff via email. Typically, the eSIM QR code would be sent to the email address of the registrant.

It remains unclear whether the user needed to undergo verification of their details at the collection center in order to obtain the generated QR code, or if it was delivered solely via email. From the accompanying screenshot, it appears that the individual is now able to activate the eSIM on their iPhone, though it is not known how many times the QR code can be reused if they intend to use the mobile line on another device.

Currently, there is no information available on the application of eSIMs on the website. However, according to online sources, eSIMs are supported on Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S series, and Google Pixel series.

By Harry