From today onwards, TPG new subscribers can port in their existing numbers from other telcos.

An email was sent out to subscribers today on the criteria for porting in existing telco numbers over to TPG. The details are as follow:

Dear TPG subscribers,

Great news! Customers signing up for a new TPG service can now port-in their existing Postpaid mobile number to TPG.


  • Check if you’re still in contract with your current telco. They may charge you an early termination fee when you port-out.
  • Ensure that you have no outstanding bills and recurring GIRO or Credit Card bill payment arrangement with your current telco.
  • Do not cancel your mobile service with your current telco until the port-in to TPG is completed.


1. Sign up for a new TPG service

  • Go to and click ‘Sign up now’ at the bottom of the webpage.
  • Register an account with your personal details.
  • In ‘Service Details’, choose the option ‘Postpaid Number Port-in’.
  • Enter the details of your current telco and the Postpaid mobile number you wish to port-in.
  • Complete the rest of the sign-up process.

2. Collect your TPG SIM card 

  • After the successful completion of your registration, you will receive an order confirmation email from us.
  • Go to any of our SIM pick-up locations within 30 days after your registration to collect your SIM card.

3. Look out for TPG email notifications. 

  • Upon collection of your SIM card, you will receive an email notification to inform you of the expected port-in date and time. Port-in is usually completed within 24 hours.
  • We will send you a further confirmation email when your port-in request is completed. You can then start using your number on your new TPG SIM card!

Note: Mobile Number Porting request is available only for new TPG sign ups. 

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By Harry