Kingston Digital MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader Review
25 Mar 2014

mobilelite wireless

Can’t install any more apps or run out of space to update the firmware on your smartphone or tablet ? This is quite common when you have been taking up most of the storage space on the miserable 16GB or 32GB device and you never really transfer the files out.

Kingston Digital MobileLite comes to the resuce as it is able to allow you to transfer and delete and free up space on your mobile device with the app for Apple and Android devices. This is done wirelessly.

Unboxing video

With MobileLite Wireless, easily copy and transfer files between USB Flash drives and SD cards or copy files locally to your mobile device.

The MobileLite Wireless also works as a normal USB portable card reader. For example, you can the SD card from your Digital Camera, transfer it into the App on your mobile device and upload it to Facebook easily.

You can use MobileLite wireless app to share photos, files and movies with up to 3 users wirelessly. It can also be used to stream movies from flash cards to three different devices at once.

Last but not least, the MobileLite Wireless is also a power bank 1800mAh battery that would help when you are low on battery.

On the next page, we will take a look on how to configure the unit.

By Harry