Review of ASUS Wireless Duo
bluetooth 1 Jul 2015

If you are an avid photographer or just someone who has a large collection of HD videos, you would probably be hunting a backup device to store all your files. How about a 1TB USB 3.0 HDD with a IP43 water resistance ?

The ASUS Wireless Duo also works as an Access Point for you to retrieve or backup the pictures and videos on your mobile devices wirelessly.

Equipped with 1TB of HDD Space, you can store large amount of files and your devices, be it a iPad, iPhone, Kindle or Android can access it wirelessly through an app. The USB 3.0 connection also transfers files faster than USB 2.0 on PC or MAC.

If you have family members who wants to share their videos, the Wireless Duo supports up to 5 devices at once and up to 3 when streaming movies in HD.

The Wireless Duo also comes with a SD card reader. You can now read, share and backup contents with a single click ease. The reader supports SDHC and SDXC.

With a 3030mAh battery, you can stream stored multimedia content to any WiFi devices for up to 6 hours between charges.

Here is the how the package looks like

The ASUS Wireless Duo is now retailing at USD 149 at Amazon and £127.64  at Amazon UK


Package Box
Water Resistance IP43, SD card reader and streams to multiple devices
The Power connector, device and Quick installation guide
The back of the device showing the two flip covers for the USB 3.0 port and Power port.