Setting it up

Before you start off, you have to download the Kingston App over your 3G or WiFi. The App is known as Kingston MobileLite and is available for iPhone, iPad, Android.


You would need to set up the device so that it can be accessed wirelessly like a HotSpot.  You would need to power up and long press the power switch until you see the Blue LED is On. Next, change the WiFi setting on your iPhone to connect to the MobileLiteWireless as a HotSpot.


Once you are done, your iPhone will be issued an IP address


Once that is done, you can now set up your AP to connect to your Internet so that you can access the internet via the MobileLiteWireless Access Point.


By Selecting MobileLiteWireless, you will be able to select the source from the SD card attached to the MobileLiteWireless. If you select MobileLiteApp, you will be able to access all the images and videos on the smartphone.


In this case, we selected MobileLiteWireless and we can access the image files captured using a Canon Digital Camera.

To select the images to be transferred to the smartphone, you have to click EDIT and Select the JPG files to be transferred to the smartphone. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a Folder Icon at the centre (non shown in picture below), select that and the application will ask for a destination. Chose MobileLiteWireless as destination.


Below are pictures imported from the SD card into the smartphone.


The reverse process can be applied to export images from the smartphone to an external SD card.