Kingston HyperX MAX 3.0 External USB 3.0 (64GB) Review @ OCWORKBENCH

IOMeter test

In this benchmark, we run two tests, 64K Read Sequential and 64K Write Random tests on the drive. 16 I/O is used for the test.

With USB 2.0, there is the bottleneck and thus we get 2000 IOPs. Using NEC 3.0 6100 IOPs is obtained. With Etrontech’s USB 3.0, we get 7208 IOPS. With XFast turned on it boosted it up to 21350 IOPs.

In random write 4k test, we see that USB 2.0 limits it to 1994 IOPs. With NEC USB 3.0, IOPS is improved to 7201 IOPS. With Etrontech the performance is around 7863 IOPS. XFast doesn’t seem to help in random write. It seems to work better with sequential read.