Kingston HyperX MAX 3.0 External USB 3.0 (64GB) Review @ OCWORKBENCH

ATTO Disk Benchmark

In ATTO Disk Benchmark, we test the max read/write speeds of the device. In the graph, the DARK Green colour bar indicates the WRITE. The lighter Green denotes READ.

First, we take a look at USB 2.0. The reading shows the limitation of ~ 34MB/s for write and 27MB/s for read.  With NEC USB 3.0, the results improved with writing at 108MB/s and reading 160MB/s.

Using EtronTech controller, the read is 189MB/s while the write is 189MB/s and read is 178MB/s. With XFast turned on, the write droppd to 158MB/s while read is increased to 236MB/s.