If you are an owner of the LG Optimus 7, the first generation Windows 7 phone, you might be in luck this Chinese New Year. According to XDA developer forum, it seems that LG is pushing out the Windows 7.8 firmware to the phones in the UK through Zune. So far, I have not tested the method and it is not known if it works in other parts of the world.

A user by the name minep suggested that users try the following to get the update.

Do let us know if you are able to update the latest Windows 7.8. Good Luck.

Go to Settings – mobile network , then edit apn. In “APN, Username, Password” I typed my provider settings. In “Proxy server/URL” type and in “Proxy port” type 8080. Here Done.
Next step: in computer STILL connected internet, in phone wifi is disconnected.
And last step: in Zune click update. Waiting about ~2 minutes, because proxy is very slow.