How to force update your Windows Phone 7 with latest ‘NoDo’ March 2011 firmware
Bluetooth 31 Mar 2011

Many users of WP7 phones are waiting patiently to get the latest update delivered to their phones. Unfortunately, they are delivered by batches. If you own one of the unbranded ones, you migth be lucky to get it faster than the rest.

It is ironic that the first solution that appeared 2 days ago required you to do a “DIAL UP” to a VPN network on Eastern Europe and you would need to trigger the 3G , WIFI or any data connction switch to OFF state on the 40th second (around there). It worked pretty well and we managed to flash our HTC trophy 7 to version 7.0.7390.0.

Today, another solution appeared on the net while we were about to flash update our LG Optimus 7.

This solution is even simpler than the one before. You no longer need to make a VPN connection to Eastern Europe. Below are the procedures.

1) Turn off all 3G,WIFI connections of the phone (with or without SIM Card)

2) Connect the Phone to the PC via USB cable

3) Zune loads up automaticaly

4) Open the Network Connections  icon and look for your internet conenction, it could be LAN connection or WIFI connection.

5) In Zune, select Update. It will begin searching the server for an update

6) On the third second, Disable the LAN or WIFI connection of your PC.

7) You will see the message “An update is available” on both the Zune and phone.

8) Enable your network and Click Ok to update the phone.

For our HTC Trophy 7, it took us almost an hour to complete, probably due to the low internet speed at night. There are altogether 8 steps involved and it is automatic. Below are some screen shots of the process.


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