Consumer Audio

LG also announced it’s Wi-Fi enabled Music Flow speakers as well as Bluetooth Speakers Sound 360.

LG SH8 and SH7 sound bars enhance the home theatre sound with adaptive sound control. It is able to detect and change it’s own sound settings to suit a range of media types. The sound bars also works well with Google Cast. Users can cast songs, podcast or stations from Cast enabled application on their own smart phone.

LG Music Flow P7 bluetooth Speaker is a portable and powerful bluetooth speaker that comes with multi point access function.  It allows the device to connect with up to 3 bluetooth devices at the same time and switch between them without any hassle.

The P5 on the other hand support auto music play which automatically begins playing music when the audio source comes within range.

LG Sound360 is something new as it doesn’t look like a speaker. It is connect with audio sources and blend in well with other furniture and appliances in your living room. It has a 20 hours battery life and provides surround audio with it’s cylindrical speaker design.

By Harry