If you are like me, hooked to the PC for most of the time typing articles after articles, it might be a good time to look for a wireless replacement. The Logitech wireless K830 fits my editorial needs as it is wireless and has white illumination leds on the keypad.
This plug and play keyboard works with Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 without any configuration. Just plug in the unifying receiver adaptor (provided in the package) on the PC USB port and power on the keyboard and you are done. No Bluetooth pairing etc required. It also comes with a direct access keys to music volume keys, mirror screens to TV, search, home keys. It also has an integrated touchpad, so you do not need a mouse anymore, just scroll up or down using two fingers.

10882271_790619030975881_6676311296607406556_n[1]I particularly like the white keyboard illumination. It is especially useful if you intend to use it to control the contents on your TV (TV connected through PC) in a living room or to SKYPE or FACEBOOK with your friends on the large screen TV.

The unit is rechargeable and it is said that a charge of 3 hrs can last you 10 days. It is definitely a welcome for me as I use keyboard more than mouse for typing the reviews.

So it is goodbye my old trustworthy Logitech PS2 keyboard that still works after 10 over years. Oh the old dirty white keyboard is yellowish with coffee stains and the model is NEW TOUCH KEYBOARD.


Logitech Illuminated Living-Room Wireless Keyboard K830 and Touchpad for Internet-Connected TVs (920-006081)

By Harry