Today, M1 will kick-start Their 5G NSA subscription plans. Among the telcos, M1 provides the lowest fees for 5G access.

It comes in the form of a 5G booster plan and it starts from $5/mth for the first six months.

If you already have a SIM only plan and you are paying $20/mth for 30 GB of data, you can add the cheapest 5G booster plan for a start.

That is to say, the cheapest 5G plan starts at $25/mth with 30 GB of 4G data and 25 GB of 5G data. The 5G booster plan will revert to $15/mth after the first six months.

The launch exclusive also include two other 5G booster plans at $8/mth (up $25/mth) for 45GB 5G data and a $12/mth (up $40/mth) for 100GB data.

Current ccoverage is only available in downtown, Dover and NUS. The coverage will extend further by the end of the year.

By Harry