M1 offers 5G for every existing subscriber enables 5G for everyone with a 5G booster VAS at $15 for 25GB and up to $40 for 100GB on top of existing plan.

M1’s 5G is built based on a 5G non-standalone (NSA) network using 2100Mhz spectrum (N1). A 5G supported device and must be within M1’s 5G coverage areas to get higher speeds from the 5G NSA network.

The current M1’s 5G network supported device models are: Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G and Huawei P40 Pro. It is likely that other devices with N1 (2100MHz) support should also work on the M1 NSA 5G network.

M1 Limited (M1) today launched its 5G non-standalone (NSA) network, enabling all its mobile users to radically transform their reality by simply adding on a 5G Booster pack to their existing mobile plan.

M1 is Singapore’s first and only telco to open up 5G access to all its customers, without any limitation on the number of sign-ups or restrictions on any plans. Each and every one of its current and new mobile users are able to enjoy the early 5G benefits including ultra-low latency and faster speeds – powering a personalised 5G experience without limits.

Starting at just $15 for 25GB and up to $40 for 100GB, the 5G Booster packs will be extended to all M1 customers with compatible 5G NSA devices. Customers who sign up for this 5G Booster pack before the end of 2020 will get to enjoy up to 70% discount on the 5G Booster pack for six months, along with a year-long free subscription to VIU. Starting from tomorrow, customers will be able to sign up for the 5G Booster pack at www.m1.com.sg/5G/5Go and start enjoying the 5G experience with M1.

With unparalleled mobile network experience for 5G video streaming, cloud gaming, remote working and other applications, customers who sign up for M1’s 5G Booster pack can experience a glimpse into the new reality through a significant increase in network responsiveness, blazing speeds and shorter lag time, as well as up to three times greater download and upload speeds.

Already, M1’s 5G NSA network is up and running in CBD, Orchard Road, Suntec City and Marina Bay. Over the next few months, the service will also be extended to additional parts of the city, covering key town centres across Singapore by the end of 2020. Customers with compatible 5G NSA devices will be able to start enjoying 5G services in these areas. For an updated list of 5G NSA supported devices, please visit www.m1.com.sg/5G/5Go.

By Harry