Speed test results and 4K video loading


The tests are conducted and here is a breakdown of the speed we attained at the 5 different locations.

LocationDownload Speed (Mbps)Uplink Speed (Mbps)Ping time (ms)
Newton (SA)363 26.616
Fu Lu Shou (SA)34225.417
Sim Lim Tower (SA)4936018
Rochor Station (SA)4596213
Bugis Junction (NSA)14881.817

We also tried to stream 4K youtube videos. There was no buffering while we skipped though sections of the video clip. This is just the similar kind of experience you will get on your fibre broadband at home.

Just imagine if you this 5G connection is shared through a router like the Linksys 5G router, 5G SA can easily replace fibre broadband provided the telcos is able to cope with unlimited data usage. In fact the speed is even faster than my 500 Mbps fibre braodband at home.

Nevertheless, the experience is a good start as M1 has only covered just 50% of the island. We hope to see better speeds inching towards 1 Gbps.

Currently, M1 is having a National day promotion – $17 for 65 GB. It is probably the cheapest entry point to enjoy True 5G speeds. Starhub entry price is S$38/mth (with contract) while Singtel is around S$65/mth (with contract)

By Harry