Yesterday, we reported about ViewQwest’s 2Gbps Fibre broadband plans. We asked M1 if they will counter the offer by offering a 2Gbps plan in the near future. Below is what Mr. Chua, AGM Corp. Comms said :

“We continually enhance our products and services to meet our customers’ needs, taking into consideration technology developments and market demand.”

Our take is that if M1’s take is that if customers require such a service, M1 is capable of delivering the service. Just couple of months, M1 countered another RSP MyRepublic by cutting it’s 1Gbps plan to S$49/mth, 90 cents lower than MyRepblic.

We feel that no matter whether there is a price war or whatsoever, the most important thing is that the RSP can deliver and install the service as soon as possible. Reputation will be at stake if there are delays or postponement of installations. Will Viewquest be able to take the large orders of installation if the price is right ?


By Harry