Microsoft just launched the cheaper edition of Office 365 – Office 365 Personal. It is a subscription model similar to the Office 365 Home. Instead of 5 licenses, the license is only meant for 1 PC or MAC and a tablet. It is priced at USD 9.80/mth. The license expires every 12 mths and you can reactivate it by paying the new subscription. For someone who needs basic text editor, excel spreadsheet or powerpoint, you might not really need the full suite of applications unless you need to use it daily. Microsoft is kind enough to provide a free suite “Office Online”. With it you can Collaborate in real-time on shared projects. Files will be saved on OneDrive in the cloud. It seems to be targetting users of Google Docs. To run Office Online, You can go to, login using an account and follow the instructions. So will you use this product  or stick to Google Docs ? office live

By Harry