The latest version of Microsoft’s Web browser is now available to the vast audience connecting to the Internet on personal computers running on the Windows 7 operating system.

The redesigned browser, Internet Explorer 10, made its debut last month when Microsoft released Windows 8, which makes dramatic changes to an operating system that has been powering PCs for decades.

Internet Explorer 10 initially is being introduced Tuesday to Windows 7 users in a ‘‘preview,’’ or test, mode. The new browser isn’t compatible with XP, Vista and any other older Windows version.

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One thought on “Microsoft releases IE 10 browser for Windows 7”
  1. I will use Firefox still much rather that anything that come from M$. It is interesting, tought, that M$ made the browser working under WinXP 🙂 Looks like M$ recognized that many users aren’t giving up on old systems 🙂 I go on Win2000 SP4 🙂

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