Mobile World Congress 2011 – Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and LG will be in focus with new mobile phone announcements

Next Tuesday 15th Feb 2011 is the opening of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This year, major players in the industry will be there to showcase their latest handsets.

On the 14th, Sony Ericsson will announce their new Xperia series of phones plus XPERIA PLAY.

On the same day, Samsung will also be announcing the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab Generation 2. So far, there isn’t much leak information about the Galaxy S2 other than it has a Super AMOLED 4.3″, dual core processor. We think that the specifications would definitey improve to fight the competition.

As for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2nd generation, the specifications remains unclear. Will it have a larger screen, 3D ?

Nokia will also be making an official announcement, probably ditching Symbian and going for WIndows Phone 7 OS for their new phones.

On 15th, LG will showcase their LG Optimus 3D and Optimus Pad. LG Optimus has a dual core processor and it comes with 3D. It has 2 8 megapixel cameras which allow you to take pictures and movies in 3D. It runs on Android.

LG Optimus Pad is a 8.9″ tablet. Just like the LG Optimus 3D, it also comes with 3D and full HD 1080p recording. You will need special glasses to view the 3D though. The LG Optimus Pad is powered by Tegra2 processor and runs on Honeycomb 3.0 OS. The version would first be in 4G network for US. It is not known when will it be available for 3G networks in Asia.

HTC will have an announcement on 16th.