As Nexus One users get their fix of the Froyo Android 2.2 update, we query the local telco Starhub as they are the exclusive partner of Motorola Milestone.

They have passed on the query to Motorola and this is their response :

“We’ve heard back from Motorola that they will make provisions for software upgrades when the time comes.”

Looks like Milestone users will eventually get the 2.2 update, just that you have to wait for its availability.

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One thought on “Motorola Milestone will get FroYo update when available”
  1. Excellent news. Was afraid that only the more costly Nexus and those new phones will receive this upgrade. Would have been a waste if I am unable to watch anime on the go. Still, hope this upgrade gets into SG by Dec? I believe Starhub is efficient in their services.

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