MSI VGA card – Lightning series

Next, MSI introduce the Lightning series of their VGA cards. The new Lightning series are built to be perfect for overclocking. For Overclockers, it has an unlocked BIOS. Thus you can adjust the voltage levels to which ever you like. This is definitely suitable for extreme overclockers. It also has a ditial PWM and more stabilty and precise voltage. It also has an nehanced power design with 2 times power output for maximum OC potential.

Something interesting is Xtreme Thermal. It is a dust removal technology on Twin Froze IV Terhaml design. This technology allows the fan to spin the other direction for the first few seconds to clear out the dust accumulated in the fan. This greatly reduces heat due to dust acculation on current VGA card designs.

Below are two video presentations of the technologies employed. On the next page is a gallery of the new graphics cards.


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