MSI MPOWER 2012 Lanuch
14 Sep 2012

MSI Taiwan and Corbell Singapore, the distributor of Microstar motherboards and graphics card hold a end user event at the Colonial @ Scotts.

At the show, MSI showcase their Z77 MPOWER motherboard series  the LIGHTNING VGA card series.


 The Z77 MPOWER has a nice yellow-black colour scheme which pairs nicely with the lightning series of VGA cards. MSI’s new series features on stability during overclocking, the so called ” OC Certified “.

The board goes through a military class burn in test with Prime 95 running 24 hrs with a lquid cooled overclocked CPU to ensure stability. In addition, it uses enhanced PWM cooling and provide better power stability.

Component wise, it has military class III that features DrMOS II, hi-C CAP, SFC (Super Ferrite Choke) and Solid caps. The enhanced power includes an enhanced PWM design with Hybrid digital power. There is enhancement on its thermal with it’s twin froze IV based design a total fan control on board.

In addition, it supports Debug LED, Multi BIOS II, V-CHeck Points, Easy Button 3, Clear Cmos button for the end user to overclock it easily.

Software wise, it has Click BIOS II which features a unified GUI under Windows and UEFI. System settings can be adjusted using the mouse or even LCD touch screen. For those who are new to Overclocking, it now comes with OC Genie II 1 sec overclocking. Just press the button and watch it auto overclocked.


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