Unlock CPU Cores made easy
MSI AMD800 series can unlock cores in Windows

[Taipei – Taiwan] At MSI we are convinced that technology should be easy accessible and simple to use, for everybody. This is why we developed software which allows users to unlock cores on their mainboards without the hassle of being an BIOS expert.

Technology made easy
MSI exclusive overclocking technology called “OC Genie” made it possible to overclock your computer system with a simple click without having to be a BIOS export. From that moment we opened overclocking to a total new generation of people who don’t know the BIOS.

Core unlock in Windows
MSI was the first who could unlock a 4-core AMD CPU to a 6-core because MSI does not use any “unlock” chip on our mainboards. MSI engineers developed a BIOS technology to unlock cores which can be easy upgraded via new BIOS.

Because of this flexible BIOS core unlock feature, MSI can today announce that it made BIOS unlocking easy and accessible for the big audience who don’t know their way into the BIOS screen. This new MSI software tool allows users to unlock CPU cores from Windows with just a few simple clicks, no need to enter the BIOS. The software is available from the MSI website and supports all MSI AMD800 mainboards: http://event.msi.com/mb/unlockap