MyRepublic launches 5G plans 5G Plus 100 GB and 5G Ultimate Unlimited data plans at $19.95/mth and $29.95/mth respectively.


5G Plus comes with 100 GB and Unlimited data (at throttled speed). It also throws in 1200 minutes and 1200 SMS.

5G Ultimate

5G Ultimate comes with unlimited data at a cap of 5 GB per day, after which it drops to managed speeds. It comes with 1500 minutes and 1500 SMS.

Both plans comes with 1 GB FREE Data roaming for 6 mths.

Free recurring 1GB Data Roaming per month in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand for the first 6 months

Compatible Devices

5G is available for everyone who sign up for a MyRepublic 5G plan. Simply select your preferred 5G plan, choose eSIM or physical SIM, activate the mobile service, and you’re good to go! Do note that to enjoy 5G access, a compatible 5G device is required. Check out the list of compatible devices.

It is surprising that it doesn’t work with Pixel 6 and 7 series.

Something very puzzling is that it claims that MyRepublic supports both 5G SA and NSA network. If it supports 5G NSA network, why won’t it work with Samsung S20 series of smartphones?

Update : We checked with MyRepublic, their 5G plan will require a reissue of a new 5G SIM card and the plan runs on Starhub not M1.

5G SA offers a 5G New Radio (NR) access network based on an end-to-end core 5G network, while 5G NSA offers 5G radio signals using an existing 4G LTE core. Both 5G SA and 5G NSA networks offer increased speeds, better response time, and superior reliability when compared to a 4G network – with 5G SA delivering best-in-class performance.

MyRepublic offers 5G service on both 5G SA and NSA networks.

[Update 18/1/2023 : MyRepublic has removed the service offering indicating 5G NSA from it’s website. It only works on 5G SA]

[Update 18/1/2023 : MyRepublic updated the supported list of devices]

By Harry