Time to get a 4K UHDTV or get ready for 8K ?

During the World Cup held at Brazil, many broadcasters were broadcasting in 4K. NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster is testing the next stage of broadcasting, and was making a huge show in Brazil of its ultimate plan, which is to see 8K ‘Super Hi-Vision’ start broadcasting in 2020.

NHK is capturing some of the current FIFA World Cup games in 8K and beaming the signals back to Japan as well as showcasing the technology to some public sites in Brazil. The Japan vs Cote d’Ivoire game was shown in 8K, and the USA vs Ghana games also treated to 8K coverage. These games were shown at 4 special sites in Japan on giant screens.

So, are you going to buy for a 4K TV today with no contents or wait for another few more years to get the 8K TV. For me, I couldn’t really differentiate a HD 1920×1080 from a 4K display side by side.

By Harry