MotoGP in HD, 3D to follow?

MotoGP is to be broadcast in full HD for the first time in 2010, while a documentary will be produced using 3D technology.

In 2010, RTL Club (Belgium), Eurosport (France), Sport TV (Portugal), Digisport (Hungary) and Viasat (Scandinavia) will all broadcast the MotoGP season in HD within Europe.

Outside Europe, HD will stretch as far as Speed TV (US), ESPN (Latin America), Globosat (Brazil), One HD (Australia), StarHub (Singapore), Sky (New Zealand), Al Jazeera (Middle East), ESPN Star Sports (Asia) and Supersport (Africa), with further HD broadcasters expected to come on board during the season.

Meanwhile, 3D and digital systems specialists Vince Pace – which worked with Dorna Sports during a successful trial of 3D technology at last year’s US Grand Prix – now plans to produce a 3D MotoGP documentary.

‘This will feature images captured during the [2010] MotoGP season, and channels broadcasting in 3D such as ESPN and Sky have already shown interest in broadcasting such coverage of the sport,’ said a Dorna statement.

The Pace team is led by John Bruno, who was part of the Visual Effects team involved in the Academy Award winning film Avatar.



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