OCZ RevoDrive PCIe MLC Flash SSD Review
Bluetooth 26 Oct 2010

From HDD to SSD, from SSD to PCIe based SSD. That is probably what we have been looking for since the good old days of PCIe based Flash solution that runs at blazing speeds.

OCZ Technology introduces their PCIe MLC Flash SSD sometime ago. The product, known as RevoDrive aspires to be the next revolutionary product that you would use to speed up your system access.

The OCZ solution is a complete all in one solution that delivers the performance of 2 Vertex 2 drives. This is achieve by having 2 SandForce controller controlling the 2 sets of 34nm MLC flash memory. With the SiliconImage controller, it performs a RAID 0 array on the two sets creating a superfast solution.

As it is a PCIe based card, it bypass the bottleneck of the SATA II interface available on most motherboards. Instead, it uses the PCIe x4 interface for data transfer between the system and the flash.

Unlike other solutions, the card is bootable. You can basically install your favourite Operating System on it to speed up booting speed.

Perforamnce Specifications

Max Reead : 540MB/s, Max Write :480MB/s 4K Random Write (Queue Depth 32 and 4K Ailgned) 75,000IOPS.

In the following pages, we will take a look at the packaging followed by synthetic benchmarks using various tools like ATTO, PC Mark Vantage, IOMETER etc to determine the performance.