This year, OCZ showcase a number of products at CeBIT 2011. Other than the newly launched products, it also showcase award winning products ranging from SSDs, power supplies and enterprise class products.

There are also running demos of the Vertex 3 SSD (SATA 6Gbps) which is capable of achieving 550MB/s read, 525MB/s write and up to 60K IOPS 4K Random Write.

For speed freaks, there is the IBIS which offers 740MB/ read, 720MB/s write and up to 125K IOPS 4K Random Write using a proprietary OCZ high speed data link.

The Bootable RevoDrive X2 is also on display. This PCIe x4 card offers 4 x Sandforce SF-1200 and comes in capacities of 100 to 960GB. It has a speed of up to 740MB/s read, 720 MB/s write and 120,000 IOPS 4K random write.

Below are pictures of the exhibits.