SiSoft Sandra 2010 Disk Benchmark

We used a couple of benchmarks to test the sequential and random read & write of the device. Our test system comprises of the following

-ASRock X58 Extreme6 Mainboard
-Intel Core i7 965 processor
-Kingston HyperX 6GB DDR3-1866
-PowerColor Radeon HD 4850
-Hitachi 7K50 HDD as OS drive

The system is configured to run in AHCI mode.

SiSoft Benchmark

We ran the  HDD/SSD benchmark test for read and write.


In the read test, the SSD achieve 461.35MB/s. This score is 61% faster than the OCZ Vertex2 we reviewed sometime ago. The OCZ Vertex2 scored an average of 258.48MB/s. At 461.36MB/s , it already exceeded the theoritical limit of SATAII interface speed. On the other hand, a Kingston V series SNV425-S2/64GB only achieved 227MB/s in the same test. Interestingly, the Kingston random access time is only 20us compared to 60us on the OCZ vertex II and 90us on the RevoDrive.


With the RevoDrive, we achieve a score of 313.6MB/s. OCZ Vertex 2 60GB SSD returns a result of 209MB/s. Kingston V series SNV425-S2/64GB only achieved 165MB/s in the same test. Random access time is at 70us just like Kingston V series with Vertex 2 scoring 120us for random write.