redONE has launched new plans tailored for ASEAN subscribers.

The BEST10 plan offers 200 GB of local data with speeds reduced to 512 kbps after exceeding the limit. Additionally, it includes 5 GB of data usable in Malaysia and Thailand, along with 1 GB of shared data for roaming across ASEAN countries.

For communication, the BEST10 plan provides 500 minutes of voice calls to Singapore and Malaysian numbers originating from Singapore, along with 200 SMS to Singapore and Malaysia numbers originating from Singapore. The plan is priced at $10.90 per month.

The BEST plan is available in three variants: BEST 10, BEST 20, and BEST 30, each offering double or triple the benefits of the BEST 10 plan (excluding ASEAN roaming, which remains fixed at 1 GB) – See chart below.

ASEAN 1 GB roaming is shared among Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Maynmar, Philippines and Vietnam.