RedONE started signing up users almost 1 month ago. Today, they officially lanuch their plans. The promo plans are now replaced and more data is allocated but the amount of talk time is reduced.

RedONE amazing8 plan now comes with 3GB data for 8 dollars . The number of bundled mins is also decreased to 100 minutes . It is unknown if there is a registration fee.

The same.plan announced one MTH ago only comes with 2 GB data and 150 mins of calls.

The old and new plan can data roam in Malaysia. The data connection is still spotty and may not work all the time (depends a bit of luck).

Previously, after exceeding 2 GB is throttled at 128kbps which was still usable . It does not seem to work anymore except for FB and WhatsApp messages.

Early adopters have complain about the discrepancy of data calculation as RedONE uses a 1 MB block, thus the reading is a few hundred megabyte more than the phone’s reading. Some readers have WhatsApp or email but they didn’t get a response.

Another complain is that users will continue to pay S$8 with 2 GB of data and 150 minutes of talk time. According to some readers who have asked the technical support, RedONE has no intention to give old trial users a free upgrade to 3 GB. (new sign up users will get a 3 GB data bundle (but with 100 mins talk time).

RedONE now offers the cheapest plan which comes with 3 GB of data which allows you to use within Singapore and Malaysia.

With TPG extending free voice and data roaming in both Malaysia and Indonesia from mid July, how will it change in this competitive landscape.

By Harry