LG 55LB650T WebOS powered 3D Smart TV

6 Oct 2014 / Harold C


TVs have evolved over the years. From the old days of snowy picture digital 4K HD, one thing hasn’t changed much and that is the remote control. As we all know, remote control is the central of operations. In the past, you have to push buttons at the panel and it evolved into remote control with a wire just like your iPhone earphone. These days, most TV sets comes with universal remote control with many tiny buttons. It tends to integrate multiple controls into one device and there are simply too many buttons.


LG 55LB650T Full HD TV and it’s 2014 series of 3D Smart TV changes that with it’s webOS powered TVs. With an operating system, TV is no longer just for viewing your dramas, you can now easily switch between broadcast, streaming TV, web browsing or running an app to read news online.

IMG_7951 copy

With the webOS, you can now simply switch to other contents from anywhere in the TV by using the Launcher (colour thumbnails) and stay on the current program while searching for other apps and services. You can also switch from app to app. There is also a LG Store where you can download apps like Youtube, WoWTV etc.

This all can be accomplished with the remote control as it works as a pointer. The wheel allows you to scroll up and down, zoom in and out just like a mouse on a computer. The remote also comes with a Voice Search feature where you can speak to the remote to find what you want.

In the next few pages, we take a look at the installation and how the remote works.

By Harry