Smart TVs can be easily hacked to steal information and even control the camera

Smart TVs are gaining popularity these days. Popular Japanese, Korean and Chinese brands are now flooding the markets with their Smart TVs based on different customised OS. Lately, AppleDaily a Hong Kong based media comissioned a IT security firm to do a test on these TVs. They found that China made LeTV’s OS has security holes which allow hackers to install malicious software, steal credit card or even control the camera lens attached to your TV.


According to AppleDaily, the LeTV was bought through Taobao in Mainland China. Nexusguard consultant Chui Xiaocong commented that LeTV’s OS uses Android and it’s modified after Rooting it. He discovered that the OS has a lot of Developer Tools which can easily be used to install malware. Chui demonstrated to AppleDaily by using his PC and with his PC he can control remotely control the TV and install software. Users will not be suspicious because nothing unusual happens to the TV screen and it will not show you any notification at all.

Two other major players Sony and LG uses proprietary OS, all the apps must obtain authorization before they can be installed onto the TV via the store. Of course, if the customer unlock by rooting the system and destroy the security system, then the user is at risk. If not, invading such a system is relatively more difficult compared to the LeTV.

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By Harry