SiSoft Sandra 2011 Benchmarks

In our tests, we compare the AMD APU A8-3850 running on BIOSTAR TA75A+, ASRock A75 Extreme6 and Gigabyte A75-UD4H running on default clock of 29×100 (2.9GHz). Both the BIOSTAR TA75A+ and the ASRock A75 Extreme6 runs at default with memory at DDR3-1866 at C7-8-7-20-1T. The system is then overclocked with GPU set to 900MHz (default is 600MHz) and APU o/c to 26×135 and 26 x 133 respectively. In overclocking mode, the the memory running on the BIOSTAR TA75A+ is at DDR3-1800 C9-9-9-24-1T and Gigabyte is at DDR3-1772 at DDR3-C9-9-9-27-2T due to stability issues at high ram speed. The ASRock runs the memory at DDDR3-2125-c-9-9-27-1T with P1.30 BIOS.

Of course to enable high ram speed, the default DIMM voltage is set slightly above 1.65v ~ 1.7v. In all three cases, overclocking must be done with LCD connected to DVI-D. Using CRT with D-SUB will result in no display beyond 103MHz for CPU CLK.

In terms of memory bandwidth, the BIOSTAR TA75+ seems to be the underdog scoring only 16.34 GB/s. When it is overclocked, the memory was raised to DDR3-1800 and it gets a score of 17GB/s.

Processor Arithmetic

When it comes to processor speed, the BIOSTAR TA75A+ scored 39 GOPS which is just a tiny bit behind the two other boards in comparison. When we tuned up the APU to rnu at 26×135, we can see that the performance shot up to 47.16 GOPS. The two other boards aren’t that stable beyond 26x133MHz when GPU@900MHz.

Processor Multimedia

In processor multimedia test, we can see that the performance is too far apart. The average is around 48 Mpixel/s. When overclocked at 135x26MHz and GPU@900MHz, the performance went up to 58.38 Mpixel/s surpassing the two remaining boards.

Media Transcoding

Media encoding and transcoding test gives us an idea the APU’s power to encode/decode videos. The BIOSTAR TA75A+ score 480 kB/s at default speed but did better at 590 kB/s when overclocked.

In GP(GPU/CPU) tests for these new series of processors, we can see the performance of the APU on the 3 different boards under 2 scenarios. The BIOSTAR TA75A+ seems to outperform in GP(GPU/CPU) Processing and does better in video rendering when overclocked.